Papers and publications

Here are some papers I have produced over the last few years which are of relevance to the world of service transformation and digital service delivery

Realising Benefits from Channel Shift

A paper for the Chartered Institute of Public Finance Accountancy (CIPA) to support a joint national contact benchmarking project for Local Authorities  June 2014 Delivering the Digital Dividend

A old paper which is still relevant particularly for its analysis of the true cost of contact and how to calculate it sponsored by GovDelivery  Channel Shift: Delivering the Benefits

Digital Inclusion

This is a paper I produced with Dr Gail Bradbrook of the charity Citizens Online and which I am particularly pleased with as has I hope helped us bring thinking in this sector forward and shift focus from the individual to the individual in a community The Case for a Systemic Approach to Digital Skills

The nature of Disruptive Change

Increasingly I am working with organisations struggling with the challenge of implementing disruptive change, I dont feel I have ‘landed it’ yet but I am increasingly drawn to the ideas of liminal thinking and the individual and organisational psychology of change.


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