Papers and publications

I like to write and engage in discussion and debate to move thinking forward and to learn. These are a few of the papers I have produced over the last few years.

Channel Shift: Realising the benefits.  This paper was sponsored by Govdelivery and written shortly after leaving the Cabinet Office it addresses the question of how do calculate the quantifiable benefits of channel shift and allowed me to share some of the thinking and modelling developed while working with HM Treasury. 

Delivering the digital dividend.  This paper was part of a package of work done with the Chartered Institute of Public Finance & Accounting (CIPFA) on benchmarking and helping Local Government understand why investment in digital does not always result in channel shift or realisation of benefits. 

Holistic approaches to digital skills and digital inclusion.  This is a paper co-written with Dr Gail Bradbrook of the charity Citizens online based on work we did for Big Lottery and BT seeking new and more effective ways of tackling social and digital inclusion through partnership.